Fortnite leaker claims major gameplay changes coming in Season 8

Epic Games, DC Comics

Battle Royale juggernaut Fortnite could soon be getting a massive facelift. Epic Games is supposedly getting ready to move the game into a new era. 

Like many games, Fortnite has been moving into the next-gen of consoles with different upgrades and gameplay changes.

Currently running on Unreal Engine 4, the upcoming Season 2, Chapter 8 update will reportedly make the long-awaited move to Unreal Engine 5, which was first teased a few months ago.

Reliable leaker HYPEX dropped the bombshell on July 31, noting that creative map makers should “start learning UE5 in their free time” and prepare for modding to arrive in the battle royale.

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What does Unreal Engine 5 mean for Fortnite?

Developed by Epic Games, the first iteration of Unreal Engine debuted in their 1998 shooter Unreal. Getting a start in mainly PC shooters, the groundbreaking game engine has become an industry staple for achieving astounding results. Revealed on May 13th 2020, Unreal Engine 5 will be the next step in pushing the boundaries of game design. The latest version will show off the new Nanite feature, which imports highly photo realistic source material directly into the engine. 

Fortnite’s visual identity is associated with cartoonish vistas and vibrant characters. Fans don’t need to be afraid of this changing. With the introduction of Unreal Engine 5, the game will hopefully see a refreshing level of polish, fidelity improvements, and reduced loading times.

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It is unclear whether the Switch version will be making the leap, based on the handheld’s limited hardware capabilities. 

Earlier this year, Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite would eventually move over to their new in-house engine. “We’re committed to battle-testing the engine in-house, as we prepare to ship Fortnite on UE5 across all platforms down the line.” states a dev blog from May. 

Season 2: Chapter 8 is due to release this September. Time will soon tell if a new dawn for Fortnite is on the horizon.