Fortnite leak teases Rift Zones return, with a twist

Rift Beacons in Fortnite Chapter 1Dexerto/Epic Games

A new Fortnite leak has claimed that the popular Rift Zones from previous seasons will be returning soon, but with a bit of a fresh twist.

Throughout the years, Epic Games have come up with new and interesting ways to spice up the Fortnite battle royale map, with everything from major changes to small easter eggs.

Arguably the most popular of these changes came back in Season X with the Rift Zones. These zones, which were indicated by massive Rift Beacons each week, would take an existing part of the map and flip it on its head.

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Sometimes these zones would pop up an entirely new POI to explore, bring new health items, or make it so you could only use a certain weapon when inside of it. While Rift Beacons were used again in Chapter 2, Season 4, it wasn’t quite the same as before.

A look at the Fortnite Rift Beacon.

Well, after different teases over the last few seasons, it appears as if they’ll finally be coming back in Season 7 but with a slight twist.

Reliable leaker and dataminer HYPEX claimed that Epic have already got plans in place to bring them back this season, and likely without the Rift Beacons being used a heads up. “The Mothership is planned to create these zones (probably with a beam): Low Gravity, Prop Disguise (Like Season X), Rift/Teleport, and Ice Slide.”

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The leaker didn’t have the locations that would be affected by the zones, but the order of the zones is coming how they’ve listed above. “All I know is that they appear in THAT order and not all at once… I’ll let y’all know later!” they added.

HYPEX also noted that things could change following the next Fortnite update, but it seemed pretty locked in to be arriving soon.

So, you’ll have to keep your eyes to sky and watch for the Motherships beam as there will probably be pretty of fun to be head at the Rift Zones.

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