Fortnite leak suggests BRUTE mechs will be permanently removed

Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale players waiting to see the back of the controversial BRUTE Mech suits have been handed a huge boost following the arrival of the v10.40 patch. 

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The huge armored vehicles were added to the game at the beginning of Season 10 and their destruction has very much driven away many fans, with many believing that they are too overpowered to be included. 

However, the writing appears to be on the wall for the BRUTE Mech suits, according to leaked information from reliable data miner FortTory.

Epic GamesIt’s been a rough ride for BRUTE Mech suits in Fortnite Season 10.
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The Fortnite leaker has revealed a brand new screen that was added to the game’s data files following the weekly update on September 25, which appears to show that the Mechs will soon develop either a virus or malfunction of some sort. 

As seen in the leaked graphic below, there are a number of different areas on the BRUTE that look more vulnerable than others – marked in red and surrounding by skull graphics. 

FortTory, TwitterBRUTE Mechs might be about to suffer a terrible virus.
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Epic Games have defended these BRUTE vehicles to the hilt during the course of Season 10, after receiving widespread criticism for including them in not just public games, but also competitive as well. 

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This sparked what turned out to be a viral campaign to remove them from the game, which triggered a strong response from the developers. 

Back in August, they explained why the Mechs were here to stay. A statement said that their involvement in the game was originally to ““provide spectacle and entertainment when playing Fortnite,” and later explained that they hand inexperienced players a greater chance of victory. 

They even released a graphic to explain that, too, as seen in the following graph. The average amount of eliminations used by these vehicles per match is actually quite low, according to the statistics. The figures show that usually there’s between one and six caused by the Mechs per match. 

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Epic GamesEpic Games have the stats to back up their BRUTE claims, but they could soon be gone forever.
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With that being said, it looks like their demise could be coming soon in Fortnite – if this leaked graphic is anything to go by. 

The virus is still unconfirmed by Epic at the time of writing, although there’s a good chance that we’ll see something hint at it in-game at some stage in the near future, with many expecting to see the back of the BRUTEs at the end of the season. So, keep your eyes peeled. 

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