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Fortnite Battle Royale • Sep 25, 2019

Leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics from v10.40 Update

Leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics from v10.40 Update
Epic Games

Fortnite’s v10.40 Update is now live on all platforms, and data miners have been scouring the game’s files to find all the leaked skins, back bling, harvesting tools, and more hidden inside the patch.


The v10.40 Update introduced a brand new location to the game called Starry Suburbs, while also making some major changes to how aim assist works for those who use a controller to play the popular battle royale title.

As with any patch, data miners are already sifting through the new additions to the game, and have discovered a host of cosmetics that will be coming to the in-game store in the near future.

Epic Games
Fortnite's Aim Assist system was updated in the v10.40 Update.


As always, Epic Games have hidden these items deep inside the patch files, but for those who are impatient and don’t want to wait on the developers to release them officially, leakers release them as soon as possible to give us a look at what’s coming next to the game.

As always, just because the skins, gliders, wraps, and more have been added to the game, it doesn’t guarantee that they will ever make it to the game. Some items that are added to the title are never released publically, so it’s always possible that you may never be able to rock them as you hunt for Victory Royales.

With last week’s v10.31 Update offering no new cosmetics to players, Epic have added a host of new items with this patch, and thanks to @ShiinaBR, @FunGamesLeaks, @MaxWinebach, and @Lucas7yoshi, you can take a look at what will be added to the store over the next few weeks.


Leaked Skins and cosmetic items from Fortnite's v10.40 Update



Sometimes you gotta shine.


Show 'em your game face.








When good llamas go bad.


Race to win.

Brite Buster

Life's a blast.



Say hello to your worst nightmare.

Back Bling

Llamacorn Shield

A mighty sigil.


Smother them with love.

Red Alert

Let 'em know what's up.

Starcrest Shift

Elegantly engineered.

Starcrest Flux

Pure perfection.

Harvesting Tools

Razor Smash

After the rainbow's end.

Snack Attackers

When the craving strikes...

Brite Bashers

Pummel them with positivity.

Stripe Slicer

Line 'em up.


Modern Hex

Show your style.

Rainbow Riot

Show your style.

Lotus Star

Show your style.

More cosmetics are being added to this article as they become available, so make sure to check back throughout the day!

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