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Fortnite leak reveals Harley Quinn skin release date and details

Published: 4/Feb/2020 19:08

by Bill Cooney


Fortnite leaker “ShiinaBR” claims to have new details on the upcoming new Harley Quinn skin that’s part of the game’s crossover with upcoming DC movie “Birds of Prey.”

Epic Games started teasing the Fortnite x Birds of Prey crossover event in late January of 2020, following previously successful events like Marvel’s Avengers, Netflix’s Stranger Things, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

ShiinaBR didn’t provide any images of the new Harley Quinn Fortnite skin, but they did tell us when the crossover event will start, and gave more details on the skin, itself.

An image of characters from Marvel's Avengers in Fortnite.
Epic Games
Items and cosmetics from Marvel’s Avengers made their way into Fortnite before the movie’s release, and Birds of Prey could work the same way.

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To start, Shiina claimed that the Birds of Prey crossover event would begin on Thursday, February 6 at 7 PM EST – a day before the movie officially releases on Feb. 7.

Along with the original Harley Quinn skin, players will be able to unlock a completely new style of the skin by completing certain challenges, which have yet to be revealed.

Finally, to go along with the Harley skin, two pickaxes will be available in the Item Shop – and our money is on at least one of them being a large mallet.

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“Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt,” ShiinaBR advised, which is always a good plan to follow with leaks that are impossible to verify at the time.


“I can not fully prove the accuracy of this information myself, but this same source has only provided me with 100% correct information in the past,” Shiina added. “So I’ll fully trust them with the information they gave me for this outfit.”

The good news is: Fortnite fans will only have to wait a few days (until February 6) to find out whether this information is legit or not.

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Although other skins and cosmetics for characters in Birds of Prey will likely crop up over time, Harley Quinn is definitely the heroine most people will be looking forward to.


Stick with Dexerto for all the info on everything in the Forntite X Birds of Prey crossover event when it gets going on February 6.