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Fortnite locations and guide for ‘Visit pirate camps in different matches’ Buccaneer’s Bounty challenge

Published: 10/Apr/2019 12:22 Updated: 10/Apr/2019 13:21

by Marcus Banks


The first challenge in the recently added Buccaneer’s Bounty event tasks players with visiting pirate camps scattered around the Fortnite map.

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The challenges were released on April 10 with the long-awaited v8.30 update which included the addition of respawn vans into the default playlists as well as banning stretched resolution in arena mode which has caused outrage in the competitive community. 

The first challenge requires players to visit one of the pirate camps on the Fortnite map in ten different games – use this handy map to find exactly where they are.

How to complete ‘visit pirate camps in different matches’ challenge

All pirate camp locations in Fortnite.
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This task is extremely straightforward – jump out of the battle bus above the pirate camp and make sure you don’t miss your target.


You can do this in Team Rumble if you don’t want to be interrupted by enemy players.

Also, you are no longer required to finish a match in order for your challenge progress to complete – so after visiting your first camp, simply leave the game and repeat the process nine more times to earn the reward.

EPIC GAMESPlayers will receive the new pirate-themed glider ‘Plunder’ for completing the first challenge.
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Challenges are releasing daily with the final quest set to be revealed on April 13, players are required to complete all four challenges within six days to earn the new emote – Boobytrapped. 

For details on all the Buccaneer’s Bounty challenges, how to complete them and the in-game rewards, see our full challenge hub here.


Epic Games confirmed in the latest patch notes that they will be cycling through the limited time modes to keep things interesting so keep an eye on what modes are currently available.