New Fortnite glitch allows players to shoot through Lazy Lagoon's boat - Dexerto

New Fortnite glitch allows players to shoot through Lazy Lagoon’s boat

Published: 11/Mar/2019 23:19 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 23:24

by Eli Becht


Fortnite has become no stranger to bugs since Season 8 began but this new bug might take the cake so far.

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One of the new locations Fortnite added with its Season 8 update was Lazy Lagoon which is a little hideaway featuring a small lagoon.

This new spot is home to pirate ships, which is also the home of the new potentially game-breaking glitch that has been found.

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A clip shows players are actually able to get inside of the boat and shoot from one of the walls while being invulnerable themselves.

In the clip, the player is entirely hidden in the lower deck but can climb the ramp and have a complete view of the upper deck, giving them an immediate advantage over an unsuspecting player.


Fortnite has had its share of small bugs here and there but this one is a major problem as players are able to actually shoot through objects.

As more attention is drawn to this issue we expect to see Epic Games come out with a fix.

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A major patch comes out tomorrow, March 12, and it’s possible we could be seeing a fix as early as then.

With each patch, Epic Games usually tries to focus on some bugs and features that aren’t working properly.

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This glitch was posted to Reddit where users shared their encounters with this spot, even with one player reporting they won a match because of this.


“I did this and came 1st my first try,” wrote Cali_6006. “I got so lucky. The circle literally closed around lagoon. I got 17 kills with a good pump. All of them were through the glitch. It needs fixing lmao…”

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We’ll see what Fortnite has in store for this glitch in future updates.