Fortnite: EU Winter Royale players are experiencing major problems with prominent glitch

by Wyatt Donigan


While Fortnite tournaments have been known to feature game-altering amounts of lag, the Winter Royale Finals are now being plagued by a different problem altogether.


Ever since Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish, Epic Games has been trying to battle the heavy amounts of lag that players face in-game and seem to have finally nailed down some of the more prominent issues.

Even with those issues seemingly ironed out, it looks like an entirely new issue is rearing its ugly head in the lead up to 2019’s Fortnite World Cup.


The European variant of the Winter Royale Finals kicked off on November 30 and almost right out the gate, players were suffering from instances of a new glitch in Fortnite.

In one of the final circles during the semi-finals of the event, one player is seen running across an open field when they’re eliminated. Instead of instantly falling, however, the player kept on running for a couple of seconds before finally disappearing like normal.

This wasn’t the only time that this happened, either, as it cropped up in another instance during the stream.


While this isn’t as game-breaking of an issue as the heavy amounts of lag that previous tournaments have experienced, it’s nonetheless an issue that could cause problems in such high-level play.

The glitch isn’t limited to the Winter Royale, however, as Epic Games has been trying to figure out a fix for the pesky glitch.

Walking After Being Eliminated Bug from r/FortNiteBR

With more examples in hand, ones on a very prominent stage no less, Epic Games will hopefully be one step closer to eliminating this pesky glitch.