This insane Fortnite glitch brings a new meaning to ‘Tilted Towers’

. 4 years ago
Epic Games

Players are encountering a reoccurring glitch in Fortnite that tilts the player’s camera perspective seemingly for the length of the game.

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The battle royale has been introducing a bevy of new weapons and items, and although the cause for the glitch isn’t known, its looks like even the game is being tilted these days.

A video was taken by Reddit user ‘InternetInfantry’ that shows lopsided gameplay in the middle of a live match.

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“[I] used a Shadow Stone and jumped on one of those purple Craters and canceled it just before I touched the ground,” InternetInfantry replied to a user asking for specifics.

Other than the slanted point-of-view, the player can walk, run, jump, switch weapons and even pull out a working grappler as is the norm. 

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The glitch does not seem to be too widespread at the moment. But there were some people chiming in the comment thread saying that a similar thing had happened to them.

Epic Games
Some more strange happenings are entering the game, but this one might not be intentional.

There are some high-stakes competitions for Fortnite around the bend, so it remains to be seen how quick Epic Games can address the glitch.

The EU Winter Royale Finals run from November 30 to December 1, while the NA variant will take place on December 11-12.

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