Fortnite: Epic Games reveal all the reasons why Turbo Building was nerfed

Epic Games

Fortnite nerfed turbo building in patch 10.20 and the competitive players have been riled up about it, but Epic explained why that decision was made.

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Turbo building is essential for the top-tier Fortnite players to “crank 90s” which is why they were so upset when they saw the nerf come in.

However, Epic explains there were actually a number of good reasons for this nerf, wiht one of them being it benefited low ping players disproportionately.

Having 0 ping allows players to “take walls” and Epic doesn’t want it to be as simple as that going forward.

Epic GamesBrutes were just the first controversy of Season 10.
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Another reason they gave is it was too easy to defend with and cited that one player could defend against an entire squad by just holding the button down.

Epic wants building to be more deliberate and less “spammy” which is something that was very possible with the previous turbo build.

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Going forward, Epic Games will be building upon this nerf by making some adjustments that won’t make building as powerful as it is now.

Instead of prioritizing lower ping, Epic plans on implementing a completely different way to decide who gets a wall.

Here are the methods Epic are considering:

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  • Coin flip between people not currently owning the building piece
  • Coin flip between everyone trying to build
  • Favor person currently owning building piece

TwitterPlayers wanted Turbo Building to be reverted immediately after the patch dropped.
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Epic explains the decision wasn’t made to stop players from performing 90s or adding a floor to stop a long fall, so they are aware of the issues that came from that.

At the end of all this, it sounds like the main reasoning is they want to eliminate the major benefits that come with 0 ping. 

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Players will still have some positives from playing on lower ping but it won’t be as powerful as it was anymore.

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Epic believes they are leveling the playing field for everyone by doing this but only time will tell if that’s the case.

For the time being, players are still upset and we’ll have to see how they adjust to the patch going forward.

You can read the entire blog post by Epic Games here.