Fortnite: How to get easy wins in Getaway LTM

by Marcus Banks


The new Getaway limited time mode is a great way to pick up wins in Fortnite Battle Royale, and this trick can help make your life even easier.

Last seen in September 2018, the popular game mode is back – pitting 100 players against each other with four teams able to secure themselves a coveted Victory Royale.

Players are tasked with collecting ‘the jewel’ from various points across the map before delivering the prize to a van to claim their win.

The Getaway LTM also saw the return of the legendary Wild Card skin in the item shop

Having the jewel in your possession slows you down significantly and your location is also revealed to enemy players on the minimap – making you a primary target.

Therefore, building up to reach the van can be treacherous due to the wide variety of weapons currently available that are capable of destroying builds almost instantly.

However, Reddit user u/TheRealestDiego found an extremely useful trick that can help you deliver the jewel safely without having to build.

Using balloons is a great way to gain height quickly to deliver the jewel

Using balloons, players are able to float up to the van and secure their victory without making themselves an easy target by building.

Be aware, players with good aim might be able to pick you off in mid-air and your balloons can also by popped by enemy bullets.

Nevertheless, this handy tip can help you secure plenty of wins before the LTM ends on March 19.