Fortnite leaks suggest a major change is coming to Dusty Divot

Eli Becht

New Fortnite leaks suggest that the game could be ready to fill up Dusty Divot with a healthy helping of lava soon.

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Throughout the life of Fortnite, the point of interest has gone through various changes, from Dusty Depot to Dusty Divot. But the leaks seem to point to Lava Lake coming soon.

Players will remembers that it started off as an unnamed location before finally receiving the name Dusty Depot. It remained with that title for a while before a meteor laid waste to it and created Dusty Divot as we know it.

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Dusty Divot has undergone some minor changes since it was introduced but nothing quite like the rest of the map has done. Many locations have been switched around or removed entirely while the divot has stuck around.

Well-known Fortnite leaker ‘lucas7yoshi’ has suggested a lava river from the new volcano point of interest could be heading towards Dusty Divot.

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Images from a leaked event, called the Dopey event, show that Dusty Divot will eventually be filled up with lava and it looks like it has a chance to stay filled with lava until it hardens, opening the door for a brand new POI.

Nearly every other location on the map has gone through some changes lately, making Dusty Divot a prime candidate for a face-lift since it was introduced back in Season 4.

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For the time being, these are all just leaks players should take the info with a grain of salt.

Epic Games has not commented on the future of Dusty Divot and the leaked event has yet to be announced or officially mentioned.

With that said, lucas7yoshi has had a good track record when it comes to leaks so it wouldn’t be completely surprising if this turned out to be true.

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The volcano hasn’t played too big of a role in Season 8 yet so we’re still waiting on seeing what Epic has in store for it.