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Fortnite Battle Royale • Mar 27, 2019

Fortnite Lava Legends pack revealed and it looks unbelievable

Fortnite Lava Legends pack revealed and it looks unbelievable
Background: Fortnite Bunker

Epic Games have confirmed that the previously leaked Lava Legends cosmetic pack will soon land in Fortnite Battle Royale's online Item Shop. 


Fortnite Season 8 has been largely shaped by a number of big changes in the northeast side of the map, including a brand new volcano springing up near the old location of Wailing Woods. 

Coming up next, it looks like molten rock is not only going to pouring all over the map in a new 'The Floor is Lava' LTM, but a number of lava inspired cosmetics will soon be available for battle royale players to purchase. 


Epic Games
The Floor is Lava LTM might not be the last lava-inspired feature to be coming soon in Fortnite.

Following the arrival of the v8.20 patch, which included controversial changes to health and eliminations, data miner @Lucas7yoshi leaked the new Lava Legends pack and it has since been confirmed by the game's developer.  

As is the case with many of these cosmetic packs, there are a number of new skins to take a look at, the new package will also include two brand new Back Blings, a glider and a weapon wrap. 

Lava Legends Pack: What's included? 

Graphics: Epic Games
Here's everything that's included in Fortnite's upcoming Lava Legends pack.


The bulk of cosmetics included in this pack are Legendary, in terms of their rarity, and the Molten Battle Hound skin (left), as well as the Molten Valkyrie outfit (right) are already generating a lot of interest. 

The new Back Blings are easily distinguishable too, as one is a Molten Crested Cape and the other is a set of dragon wings, which is expected to have an official name of Molten Valkyrie Wings. The Lavawing glider, as seen in the top left, and the Epic Magma weapon wrap. 

If you would like to take a look at each of these items one by one, the full list can be seen below: 

Lava Legends Pack: New Skins

Molten Battle Hound (Legendary Outfit)
Molten Valkyrie (Legendary Outfit)

For those wanting a closer look at the skins, Fortnite professional player Brett 'Dakotaz' Hoffman has also shared a video on Twitter which shows a 360° view of the pair in-game - as seen below. 

Lava Legends Pack: Back Blings

Molten Crested Cape (Legendary Back Bling)
Molten Valkyrie Wings (Legendary Back Bling)

Lava Legends Pack: Other Cosmetics 

Lavawing (Legendary Glider)
Magma (Epic Wrap)

The new package of cosmetics was not the only piece of unreleased content to be revealed by data miners since Fortnite's v8.20 update went live, as a number of other skins, gliders and pickaxes were leaked. 

Some streamers have already been granted access to play with the new characters and use the Lava Legends cosmetics. We'll keep you updated on when they will be available for everybody in the Item Shop as soon as the announcement is made.