Fortnite console world record for Solo vs Squads broken by four kills

Fortnite‘s world record for Solo vs Squads kills on console has been smashed yet again in astonishing fashion, this time by PlayStation 4 player Apokalypto.

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The player uploaded a video of his achievement to his official YouTube channel on February 22, 2019 and seems to have eclipsed the previous record held by French player FT-Fateu, who picked up 38 eliminations, way back in April 2018.

The solo vs squad record was actually credited to Brazilian player SlayLeo, who managed 41 kills, but Apokalypto went one step further, managing 42 – and it could very well have been more.

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Epic GamesThe Fortnite player fended off squad after squad in this world record attempt.

We previously reported that SlayLeo’s was a brand new record on March 6, but that wasn’t actually the case, given that Apokalypto had pulled off this game a matter of weeks before.

It could have been even more eliminations for Apokalypto as well, as the footage shows below, with the final two squad teammates being eliminated by storm damage.

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Even more impressive is that the game only started with 94 players, six less than the maximum.

The PS4 gamer primarily used the Epic Scar and Legendary Pump Shotgun to mastermind the world record – two of the most popular weapons in the battle royale mode. 

World records for Epic Games’ free-to-play title have been moving thick and fast since the game was released in September 2017 and you can keep track of them using our Fortnite world record hub. 

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We will continue to keep you updated on all of the changes to these achievements for console, PC and mobile in the future.