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Fortnite: How to complete “Search Unicorn floaties at swimming holes” 14 Days of Summer challenge

Published: 30/Jun/2019 14:55 Updated: 30/Jun/2019 15:02

by Calum Patterson


The sixth challenge for the 14 Days of Summer event in Fortnite Battle Royale is now live, and tasks you with looting up some floating unicorns in various spots around the map.

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There is a new challenge each day for the event, and a reward for each too, as the team at Epic Games gives players something to keep busy with while they enjoy a well-earned break at the studio.

Although each challenge is revealed on the day it goes live, we already know what to expect thanks to data miners, who have already compiled a full list of every challenge and reward.


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Epic GamesYou’ll need to search three of these Unicorn floaties for this challenge.

Where to ‘Search Unicorn floaties at swimming holes’

These ‘swimming holes’ in Fortnite are dotted in various watery spots around the map, but we’ve got a map with each one marked for your convenience.

Thankfully, they are somewhat bunched together, with four in the middle-northern part of the map, and three more all close-by, in, or near Paradise Palms.

Once you reach each location, simply approach the floaty and press the interact button on whatever device you’re playing on, like you would with a Loot Llama.

The seven locations for the Unicorn floaties.
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All 7 unicorn floaties locations:

  1. Beach Party Location (near Fatal Fields)
  2. Lazy Lagoon
  3. Docks in Lazy Lagoon
  4. Loot Lake
  5. Dusty Divot
  6. Lonely Lodge
  7. Fatal Fields
  8. Paradise Palms

Thankfully, you don’t need to interact with all seven, instead only three, and considering that they are somewhat bunched together you’re likely to be able to get it done in a single match.


Either head for North of the Pressure Plant, or down to Paradise Palms, and provided there’s not too many enemies in your way, you should be able to get it done quickly.

If you’re still working on any of the other challenges for 14 Days of Summer, be sure to check our full guide for every one so far.

They should be available until the end of the 14 days at least, and likely a bit longer, so don’t panic if you don’t get them all done on the day of release, there will be plenty of time to get the rewards before Season 10 begins.