Fortnite Cattus Event: Sea monster spotted swimming around map

After months of speculation, Fortnite players have finally caught a glimpse of the monster that seemingly lived inside Polar Peak, after it was spotted swimming around the map carrying pieces of its former home.

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Ever since its introduction in Season 7, Polar Peak has kept players guessing as to what mysteries lie beneath, with dozens of strange eggs being located in the iceberg. After nearly being destroyed during the Unvaulting event of Season 8, it seems the next event will finally shed some light on its history.

Leaked information suggests Polar Peak could be the location for the upcoming Cattus event, which some players believing that a crossover with Godzilla: King of the Monsters is in the works. 

EPIC GAMESA giant eye was spotted inside the iceberg at Polar Peak hinting towards a Godzilla crossover.
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The latest discovery suggests the theories may be true, however, after eagle-eyed Reddit user u/createdbyeric was able to spot a giant creature swimming around the map, carrying pieces from Polar Peak which were destroyed in patch v9.20.

Visible for only a short amount of time, the monster can be seen with one of the small brick towers before submerging back underwater. 

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When is the Fortnite Cattus event?

It is yet to be revealed when the leaked event will actually occur on the map, but more hints could be dropped during the next update – judging by recent patterns.

After the v9.10 version of the game went live, the creature’s eye was spotted at Polar Peak, before the majority of the castle was destroyed during the following update, suggesting the next major event could take place following the v9.30 patch, which is set to release on Thursday, June 20.

Epic Games continue to keep fans on the edge of their seats with yet another teaser, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled to track the monster’s movement around the map. 

You never know where it could appear next. 

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