Fortnite bug costs Liquid 72hrs victory in $1 million Winter Royale tournament

Epic Games / Team Liquid

A bug which caused Team Liquid’s 72hrs to take fall damage when using the Infinity Blade cost him the victory in the Winter Royale, the player has said.

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During the final matches of the North American portion of the tournament, which concluded on December 12, Thomas ’72hrs’ Mulligan was high on the rankings and only needed a couple more strong performances to close it out.

The points system was based off eliminations, with victory royales also used in tiebreaker situations, encouraging aggressive play, but also playing to win.

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Despite complaints, the Winter Royale was played with the Infinity Blade in the mode, even though it was not used in qualifiers or in the European portion of the tournament.

The blade gives the player that wields it double health and shield, and regenerates 50 health and shield upon eliminations, as well as dealing lots of damage and giving the player a higher jump.

Because of this higher jump, players should not take fall damage when using the weapon – but 72hrs says that a glitch caused him to take fall damage while wielding the blade. Unfortunately, his POV was not being spectated at the time, but the moment in question can be seen in this clip.

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After the match, 72hrs, clearly angered, explained that he had over 200 health and shield, granted by the Infinity Blade, but died to fall damage regardless, costing him the potential for more kills and even the win.

72hrs finished in 2nd place overall after the final match was played, but with the difference in prize money between first and second, this bug potentially cost Mulligan $15,000. 

Despite his frustration, 72hrs did later congratulate the eventual winner, ‘Nolan’ on his win, and say that he did the best with what he was given.

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Fall Skirmish winner, FaZe Cloak was even angered on 72hrs behalf, by the fact a bug had affected his placement so severely.

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Players, both casual and competitive, have been vocal about the Blade’s addition into regular modes rather than being kept separate in its own ‘LTM’ (limited time mode), but on this occasion the powerful sword was actually to 72hrs detriment.

Even Ninja, the biggest name in Fortnite, criticized Epic Games for the timing of their update and the inclusion of new items, namely the Infinity Blade, in the Winter Royale.

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