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Epic Games announce delay for long-awaited Fortnite Baller nerf

Published: 9/Apr/2019 17:02 Updated: 10/Apr/2019 2:59

by Eli Becht


Epic Games detailed what will be done with the Baller in Fortnite going forward, but it will miss v8.30.

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Fans and players of Fortnite rejoiced when they learned the planes would be vaulted at the start of Season 8 but that excitement was shortlived as Epic Games introduced the Baller into the game.

At first glance it didn’t seem like the Baller would be all that powerful but it has proven to be overpowered to go against as it allowed for easy rotations and just an overall annoyance to players.

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Players have been trying to devise ways to counter the Baller ever since it was released.

The release of v8.30 of Fortnite is set to bring a variety of changes to the game like Respawn Vans, bug fixes but most importantly, the Baller is finally receiving a nerf.


Or, at least that’s what we thought. Epic Games announced the Baller nerf will not be happening with v8.30 but it will be available in a future update.

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The Baller nerf has been delayed

Epic Games revealed in a Reddit post that while the Baller was originally on schedule for a nerf with this upcoming v8.30 update, the changes are still being worked on.

Fans have been reassured the changes will still be happening in a future update though, perhaps even v8.40. This fix would allow players to take damage while in the Baller by being shot through the glass, instead of all of the damage going straight to the Baller.


Baller Adjustments – Future Release from r/FortNiteBR

What this does mean in the short-term is players are still going to be able to abuse the Baller in competitive playlists, making things less than ideal for those wanting to have a proper competitive setting.

The current competitive version of Fortnite is open to a lot of complaints by players and the Baller nerf would’ve gone a long way to fixing the issues that currently plague the game.

Dexerto will have all the updates on when the Baller will receive its eventual nerf so stay tuned.