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Fortnite 12.10 Update patch notes: Proximity Mines, bug fixes, more

Published: 3/Mar/2020 10:09 Updated: 3/Mar/2020 10:33

by Matt Porter


The first major update since the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 is here, with Epic Games releasing the 12.10 Update on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices on Tuesday, March 3.

After the longest Fortnite season in history, the introduction of Season 2 has breathed new life into the popular battle royale title, and following complaints that the developers weren’t releasing enough patches, it seems Epic Games have taken the criticism to heart as they release their second significant patch in less than two weeks.

Now, the developers have released a brand-new update, including a new weapon and some bug fixes to help player’s quality of life.


Epic Games
Fortnite’s v12.10 Update introduces an explosive new weapon.

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Proximity Mines

The headline addition in the v12.10 Update are Proximity Mines, which were first teased in the Battle Pass trailer for Fortnite Season 2 back on February 20. As expected, these are throwable items that are placed on the ground and are activated when an enemy player steps too close to them.

They then fly into the air and explode, dealing damage to the enemy player, and letting you know that someone has tried to push you from that direction, making them perfect for camping out buildings and shutting down entry points, as opponents will be wary of getting too close as they deal 50 damage. Players who are hit by the weapon will also become marked, meaning you can see them through walls once they’ve detonated the Mine.


Fortnite's Proximity mines
Epic Games
Proximity Mines will explode when enemies get too close.

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Bug fixes

As always, Epic Games have been hard at work fixing some of the glaring issues that have been affecting the game in recent weeks, with the developers updating their official Trello to reveal which glitches had been addressed in the v12.10 update.

For those hoping for a major improvement in terms of the game’s performance, there’s bad news, as the card mentioning reports of FPS loss and framerate issues remains “In Development,” but we may see Epic release a surprise patch as soon as it is finished, much like they did for PS4 on February 26. You can view the full list of bug fixes below.


  • XP gain from XP Coins not appearing in XP bar.
  • Unable to close map with map input if bound to directional pad up.
  • Teammate arrows flickering / temporarily disappearing in Team Rumble.
  • Weak Point hits not registering when very close to them.
  • Splitscreen: Player 1 interrupts Player 2’s trigger button action.
  • Flair style of Y0ND3R incorrectly locked.
  • Big Haul Glider variant may not unlock.
  • (Creative) The Class Selector Device will not work unless the volume is visible.

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Creative Mode patch notes

What’s New?

Thousands Of Props
Prefabs and the individual props they are made out of are now much easier to access! Double-click a prefab or gallery to explore thousands of props. These props can be individually selected, spawn into the world and even bound to your quickbar.

Eggsellent Eggs
Colorful and quirky, these new eggs can be used as props or collectibles!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could leave the island boundary when the “Allow Out of Bounds” setting was turned “Off”


  • Added island options to control which team a player spawns onto when joining a minigame in progress.

Weapons + Items

​​​​​Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would become invisible when landing in water after crouching in the Creepin’ Cardboard item
  • Fixed an issue where the Sneaky Snowman and Creepin’ Cardboard items would not properly show up when added to the Quick Bar
  • Fixed an issue where Creepin’ Cardboard items would not properly show up to other players that joined a game in progress

Creative Tools + Phone

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Island Inspector Photos would not capture properly when taken.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Paste” functionality would be missing on Mobile when multi-selecting items with the Phone tool.

Prefabs & Galleries

Now creators no longer have to throw down an entire gallery for one asset, since we have now added the ability to view individual items from Prefabs and Galleries and add them to the QuickBar!


  • Added 1 New Gallery
    • Egg Gallery
  • Added 6 different eggs to the Collectibles Gallery.
  • Added more colors to Variant Car Gallery A & Variant Car Gallery B.
  • Added more walls, floors and variant rocks to the Indestructible Gallery.
  • Added green furniture to The Yacht Prop Gallery.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue, on the Neo Tilted Factory, where there was an additional roof trim asset that needed to be removed.
  • Removed Prop-O-Matic functionality for the Middle Straight Cave asset, from The Shark Cliff Gallery, since it was causing visual issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the Yellow Mushrooms would turn invisible on mobile or on Low Graphics Quality settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Billboard, in Street Gallery A, could only be placed on grid.
  • There is an issue with the Window Storefront Side asset deleting the wall next to it, so we added a prop version to the Art Deco Building Prop Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue, in the Power Plant Turbine Building, where a bench was clipping through the wall.
  • Fixed an issue in the Sofdeez Ice Cream Shop where a couple of dumpsters were clipping through the wall.
  • Fixed an issue in the Sofdeez Ice Cream Shop where toilets were missing in the stalls.
  • Fixed an issue in The Shark galleries where some assets were giving the wrong resource material.
  • Fixed an issue in Mega Mall where the stairs were missing the correct texture.
  • Fixed an issue in Villain Lair and Decayed Villain Lair where the ground floors no longer matched the cliff walls.
  • Fixed an issue with the Variant Rock Gallery where all the rocks had purple bottoms.
  • All new 12.00 content is now tagged as Top Secret instead of Spy.
  • Fixed an issue where Yellow Mushrooms from the Prison prefab would turn invisible when graphics settings are set to “Low”.
  • The Lighthouse Balconies recently received some collision adjustments, so creators may need to adjust the position of any previously placed balconies.
  • Railings on The Yacht recently received some adjustments, so creators may need to adjust the position of any previously placed balconies.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Mutator Zone not correctly transmitting when players left the zone due to dying from fall damage inside of it.
  • Fixed the tag on the Creepin’ Cardboard consumable, so it will now be under Concealment, instead of Healing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Class Designer would not allow classes to change if the volume was not visible in game.
  • Fixed an issue where the RNG device visibility settings were not being respected in game.
  • Fixed an issue where the RNG device would trigger during the warm up phase when set to trigger during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where the RNG Device would not activate sequencers when set to activate on Game start.
  • Fixed an issue where being eliminated due to fall damage inside a Mutator Zone, would not count as leaving on the Score Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be able to set Item Spawners to 3 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where Class Designer devices would not show a preview of the items placed into them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Capture Area Device would stay visible in game when the”Item Visible In Game” setting was set to “Off”.
  • Fixed an issue where Sequencers would loop activations when “Zone Direction” and “Pulse Direction” were set to anything other than default settings.
  • Fixed an issue where Explosive Barrels that were triggered to explode during Pre Game stages would not come back until after the first game ends.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to pass through barriers devices that were set to “Hollow Box”.
  • Fixed an issue where players would hover over Player Spawn devices that are set to be invisible during a game.
  • Fixed some issues around devices not appearing properly in replays from Creative after a player scrubs through the replay.
  • Fixed an issue where using the “Teleport to When Receiving from” setting on the Teleporter would carry over Mutator Zone effects on the player after they teleport out of the zone.
  • Fixed an issue where the Class Designer would continue to display items stored in it after the user clears the items from it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trigger could be seen on the Timer Device when set to be invisible in Game.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be able to aim horizontally when entering into the barrel of the Cannon.
  • Fixed some issues where Vehicles may fall through the map when landing from certain heights.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of the Trick Tile Device did not match how it looks when placed.
  • Fixed an issue where Starfield and Nebula Barrier settings would cast shadows
  • Added many additional choices for Starting Health, Starting Shields, and Health Granted on Eliminations to the Team Settings and Class Designer devices.
  • Added additional selections to the Health option of the Objective Device to allow for more granularity to help balance your games.
  • Added more selections to Time to Detonation setting on the Explosive Device
  • Score, Max Score, Min Score, Score Increment and Transmit on Score options in the Score Manager now have many more selections to allow for more choice in how to score your games.
  • Score, Max Score, Min Score, Score Increment and Transmit on Score options in the Score manager all now have matching choices to ensure consistency across all of the options.

UI + Social

​​​​​​Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the active player count under the minimap not being correct in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping items from the Creative Inventory would not trigger a sound effect to players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Teleport Button would not close all Menu UI’s for the Channel Browser when used.
  • Fixed an issue where the Back Button in the My Islands Menu would close the entire UI screen when selected.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the settings arrow buttons would be difficult to do on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mini Map may appear zoomed in.