First Fortnite Season 4 teaser revealed as rift appears in-game

Fortnite Season 4 Marvel Teaser with ThorEpic Games

Developers Epic Games have revealed the first official look at Fortnite Chapter 2’s fourth season. In addition to a new teaser on social media, a rift has opened up in-game. 

Fortnite fans have become entirely accustomed to the game’s biggest updates coming with the inception of new seasons, and Season 4 of Chapter 2 is no different.

Details have been scarce, but leaked images and in-game teasers suggested that another Marvel crossover was in the works. That proved true with Epic’s first official reveal released on August 21, confirming that a Marvel crossover with Thor at the center will be coming to Fortnite.

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Avengers in Fortnite next to Thor imageEpic Games/Marvel
Thor has long been rumored to be on his way to Fortnite.

Despite the fact that Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal has launched the character into popular culture, the Fortnite Season 4 version looks more inspired by how the Norse God appears in the comic books.

On August 22, a follow-up teaser was released. What’s also unclear (for now, at least) is the caption that accompanied the teaser. It reads: “The Herald has found The Island. The prelude to War has begun. Experience Part 1 in-game now…”

The ‘Herald’, many assumed, refers to Thor. He is also known as the “Herald of Thunder’ in the Marvel universe. What kind of war is being referred to though, is not yet clear.

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Another change is that in-game, a large rift has opened up above the map. This is not the first time Fortnite has used rifts or other dimensions to introduce new Seasons, but it appears that Thor and Galactus will be making their way to the existing map, rather than the existing characters departing their current location.

Popular leaker ShiinaBR also pointed out that another page in the comic book that originally leaked Thor is now available to view in-game.

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While other characters have not yet been confirmed, past leaks have indicated that both Galactus and Thor will be making their way to Fortnite, alongside Asgard’s infamous Rainbow Bridge.

It has been proven once again that Epic love to tease the Fortnite fan-base over major changes the game will experience. For now, though, details remain in short supply, but keep your eyes peeled for in-game hints.

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