First Fortnite Season 2 teaser spotted worldwide with secret message

Twitter: Flakespower

Epic Games is ramping up excitement for the next season of Fortnite Chapter 2, using public advertisements to tease fans with a mysterious message.

Season 2 of Chapter 2 is set to begin on Thursday, February 20, after a delay, making the first season the longest ever in Fortnite Battle Royale’s two-year history.

So far, little is known about what players can expect, but new seasons are typically when the most sweeping changes are made. A new advert has been showing up in cities worldwide, containing a secret message, and it seems to be our first clue.

Epic Games
Some theories suggest the map will be flooded before Season 2, but we don’t know anything for sure yet.

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New Fortnite teaser

These ads were spotted in various places around the world including Brazil, Japan, and France, and play a short animation.

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A gold handprint is seen on top of the Fortnite logo, and gold bars cover up text at the bottom. However, a phone number is left visible. Of course, fans instantly decided to call the number, which is where things start to get interesting.

This poster from Shibuya, in Tokyo, explained, “there are quite a few 15 seconds of footage of the Fortnite logo in the vision of Shibuya city. And without sound. Just branding?”

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Secret message in Fortnite Season 2 teaser

When the number is called, a peculiar message is played back. The response on the other end says:

“Yes sir.

The agents were called.

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Card to access the safe purchased.”

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So what does it all mean? There has been speculation that the theme for Season 2 will have something to do with gold, and possibly King Midas from Greek mythology (who turns things to gold by touching them).

The gold bars and gold handprint on the teaser could be another clue for this. It’s possible that gold will be a fourth material added to Fortnite (adding to wood, metal, and brick), and would be indestructible. Obviously, players have some concerns about the gameplay implications of this.

Epic Games changed their Twitter header to the golden handprint and their profile picture is now in gold as well. With Season 2 beginning in presumably just a matter of days, we’re sure to be learning a lot more really fast.

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Epic Games
Fortnite’s new Twitter header.

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In fact, the original tease for the new season covered up text with gold bars, but now it’s possible we were meant to take that literally as gold bars are coming to Fortnite.

Epic Games
Gold bars were used to cover up text about Season 2 on the Epic Games website too.

This is just the first teaser for Season 2 though, and there’s likely to be more. The last time Epic Games did something this extravagant for the launch of a new season was for Season 5. A real-life Durr Burgher was placed in the middle of nowhere, as the community tried to work it all out.