FaZe Jev Wants You to Stop Trying to Correct Him on the Subject of the Red Knight Skin

The decision to re-release the Red Knight skin has upset various members of the Fortnite community because it’s no longer going to be rare.

Epic Games announced on July 4th that the Red Knight would become available to purchase in the Fortnite store, and thus destroying the rarity of the skin, and the value of it on the black market.

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It’s believed that the move is an attempt by the developers to stop skin trading (a bannable offense) and become more inclusive in order to allow new players the chance to get something previously deemed only attainable through account sharing.

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We’ve seen a lot of people disagree on the subject, but FaZe Clan’s Jev wants to let you know where he stands.

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The content creator uploaded a Call of Duty sniper video to his channel on July 4th, but opened it with a discussion about his stance on the skin.

Jev had been contacted by a number of his followers after he made comments about the re-release of the skin.

“I’ve got too many damn people trying to correct me about this Red Knight as if it’s going to change. The more skins come out, the less rare it is, the less cool it is to wear because that’s the main reason people wear it.”

“Regardless of how nice it looks, a lot of really nice looking skins in the game, a lot of them aren’t worn and some of the uglier skins are being worn because of how rare they are.

Telling me and correcting me that it’s not an exclusive does not change the fact that the skins value is crushed. I’m just pissed because it’s one less skin that I can wear, eventually all that’s going to be left is a skull trooper.”

You can watch his rant at full speed in the video below