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FaZe Clan’s Cloak Pulls Off Incredible 1 vs. 21 on Fortnite Battle Royale

Published: 1/May/2018 16:04 Updated: 1/Apr/2019 16:01

by Calum Patterson


FaZe Clan’s competitive Fortnite Battle Royale star, Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, pulled off the unthinkable during a 50 vs. 50 game, clutching up a 1 vs. 21.

When it comes to Fortnite Battle Royale everyone is not created equally. When it comes to FaZe Clan’s competitive Fortnite player, Cloak, the odds are almost always in his favor.

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The Fortnite sensation joined FaZe Clan as the captain of their Fortnite team in March of 2018 and regularly streams for fans to see just how good he is.

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the world by storm in the first half of 2018, eclipsing virtually all competition and even dethroning PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as the number one game in the Battle Royale genre.


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One of the things that keeps the fast paced game so fresh is that Epic Games, the developers, constantly release new updates, patches, and limited time game modes.

During a recent Twitch stream Cloak was playing with 50 vs. 50 game which is the Limited Time Mode of the moment. In what can only be described as gaming brilliance, the FaZe man managed to win the entire game from a seemingly impossible 1 vs. 21 situation.

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Content creators can usually only dream of producing a work of such brilliance but Cloak seems to take the whole thing in his stride.


One of the best things about Fortnite’s rapid rise in prominence is that it had given spawn to an influx of new competitive players and content creators that has rarely been seen since the early days of Call of Duty commentaries.