FaZe Clan's Tfue Pulls Off Incredible No Mat Clutch at Fortnite's PAX West Event - Dexerto

FaZe Clan’s Tfue Pulls Off Incredible No Mat Clutch at Fortnite’s PAX West Event

Published: 3/Sep/2018 15:15 Updated: 3/Sep/2018 15:47

by DG Goldstein


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney of FaZe Clan was up to his old tricks during the PAX West Summer Skirmish Fortnite: Battle Royale event.

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With the Storm closing in during the final seconds of the match, Tfue found himself in a sticky situation with a very limited number of materials.

His only option was to edit out of his current build and drop to the ground in order to get a new vantage point on the remaining players and make it into the new circle.

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A 1v1 against TnT Reign would decide the match with Tfue desperately trying to knock his opponent down from the high ground, which led to him getting an amazing one-pump kill to secure the Victory Royale in dramatic fashion.


The full clip can be viewed below.

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Tfue managed to be one of the 99 players that managed to qualify for the Pax West Summer Skirmish Grand Final, which will be held on Monday, September 3 at 11am PST (2pm EDT, 7pm BST).

More information on the Pax West Summer Skirmish Grand Final can be found right here.