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Every Fortnite Chapter 2 weapon balancing change revealed

Published: 1/Nov/2019 16:30 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 17:05

by Matt Porter


Fortnite Chapter 2 arrived almost a month ago, but with no patch notes released by Epic Games, a player has taken matters into their own hands and released every weapon balancing change in the major update.

Tuesday, October 15 marked one of the biggest days in Fortnite history, when the game moved into Chapter 2, which introduced a brand-new map and a host of changes to the popular battle royale title.

One thing that was missing, however, were patch notes detailing these changes and even though there have been numerous updates since, Epic Games have yet to release a conclusive list of changes for fans to read.


Epic GamesEpic Games have yet to officially reveal any changes to the game’s weapons.

With Fortnite fans frustrated with the lack of these notes, Reddit user Tornorr has taken matters into their own hands, testing the game and its weapons to create their own list of balancing changes in the absence of official word from Epic Games.

The Pistol has apparently received a 4% damage increase across all three rarities, while the Pump Shotgun’s damage has been reduced by up to 16% in the Uncommon variety. The Compact SMG’s clip size has been decreased by 25%, but the weapon is now 42% quicker to reload.

Rocket Launchers have seemingly also seen some changes, with the Rare version’s damage turned down by 9%, while the Epic rarity is down 1%. The Epic is now an even more dangerous weapon, with an 8% damage buff and a reload speed decrease of 23%. You can view the full stats below.


Since Fortnite didn’t release balance changes for v.11.00, I made an image showing all of the changes. from r/FortNiteBR

While Tornorr has gathered these statistics, they may not be 100% accurate, and unless Epic finally release some patch notes, we’ll never know the exact changes that the developers have made to the weapons.

The company behind the blockbuster battle royale game has yet to explain the reason that they are no longer releasing patch notes, but fans remain hopeful that this decision will be reversed as Chapter 2, Season 1 continues.