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Epic Games Teases the Possible Return of the Merry Marauder Skin to Fortnite’s Item Shop

Published: 13/Jul/2018 19:20 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 15:51

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games has hinted at the possibility that the Merry Marauder skin in Fortnite could be returning the in-game Item Shop.

Nick Chester, a PR manager for Epic, teased the re-release of the rare skin in a tweet he put out on July 12.

Originally released on January 3, the Merry Marauder has only appeared in the Item Shop six times, with the latest being on January 31.

Although not part of any set, the skin has become a fan-favorite for its military gingerbread man appearance and  Christmas holiday theme.


When Fortnite announced the newest set of skins released in the Item Shop on July 12, Chester tweeted this picture out to drop the massive hint.


Since its last release, the skin has become quite a rare collectible, especially among those who pride themselves on their vast collection of in-game cosmetic items.

So rare in fact, that many have paid hundreds of dollars to illegally purchase accounts that include the Merry Marauder and other rare skins.

Thus, despite not being an official confirmation, this latest teaser has drawn the ire of many players who either bought an account or took pride in owning the rare skin.

However, Epic has proven that it is not afraid of the negative backlash, having recently re-released the Red Knight skin, which was also one of the more rare outfits in the game.


Many believe that this is part of their strategy to reduce the rarity of these items in order to reduce illegal account selling, which often result in scams.