Epic Games roll out hotfix to change the Mounted Turret in Fortnite

Calum Patterson

The Mounted Turret in Fortnite has not even been out for two days, but Epic Games have already rolled out an update to nerf the trap item, nerfing it significantly.

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It didn’t take long for players to quickly find the most powerful techniques to using the Mounted Turret, including stacking two at a time to avoid cooldowns.

However, one such exploit quickly went viral on social media, as players realized they could use the 5000 HP that the Turret has to great effect.

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So, Epic Games have had to act equally quickly, issuing a hotfix on November 15 to make adjustments to the Mounted Turret’s health and and floor health.

Now, instead of 5000, the Turret floor will only have 1000 health, and the Turret itself has been reduced from 800 health to only 400.

The reduction to only 400 health for the body of the Turret is very significant, meaning that a few accurate shots from a powerful weapon will destroy it.

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The Mounted Turret is certainly a powerful trap, but these adjustments should hopefully help it fit more evenly into the game’s balance, without making it a crutch, as it was especially powerful in Solos matches.

The addition was likely intended to be put to best use in the new Food Fight LTM, which gives teams 5 minutes to prepare their defences before they fight 50v50, and this is where a well placed Mounted Turret will excel.