Epic Games reveal big changes coming in v8.50 Fortnite Battle Royale update

Fortnite Battle Royale players are desperate to see many bugs and issues resolved in the future with the World Cup fast approaching – here’s what to expect in the upcoming v8.50 patch.

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Fortnite update causes backlash from players

The developer has been heavily criticized in recent weeks following a string of updates that caused outrage in both the casual and competitive community – starting with the removal of the popular siphon mechanic, before a ban on stretched resolution was implemented.

Epic have shown no signs that the update will be reverted, despite a constant barrage of abuse on social media from players who are far from happy with the current state of the game, after numerous bugs were introduced in the recent v8.40 update.

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Epic GamesA number of bugs have been uncovered which could seriously affect the World Cup qualifiers.
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Epic confirm ‘ghost’ audio bug fixes in v8.50

Eager to address the issues, Epic posted a thread on the FortniteBR subreddit to gain feedback from the community on what problems were occurring in-game and have confirmed many will be fixed in the next update.

Firstly, a sound bug, which was first experienced in the v8.30 update, will finally be resolved. Players reported hearing sounds such as a player being sniped or pulling out a shotgun when in fact no-one was near them. 

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Trap placement patched in v8.50 update

Players who commonly use spike traps to deal significant damage to their opponents will be glad to hear that the recent bug which caused the item to be placed in the middle tile of a box instead of the wall will finally be patched.

The issue was causing players to lose health despite being on the opposite side to the trap and also allowed some players to wrongly escape danger, but there should be no such issue after the latest patch is implemented according to Epic. 


Changes to looting in v8.50 update

It was confirmed that Epic will be reworking the hold to swap feature that hasn’t been implemented correctly resulting in players accidentally dropping a weapon they wanted to keep in their inventory.

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The mechanic intended to allow players to swap the weapon they were currently holding by holding down the use button instead of tapping it, however, the feature didn’t work as intended but the upcoming fix should resolve the issue. 


There should also be a reduction in the number of ‘ghost’ shotgun shots which has plagued the game in recent weeks as Epic confirmed that hit markers will revert to server-side in the future update.

The changes will be welcomed by the community who are eager to see as many bugs fixed as possible with the Fortnite World Cup fast approaching.

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Updated: April 21, 2019 – 11:02AM EST