Epic Games potentially removing fan favorite LTM from Fortnite Battle Royale

Connor Bennett
Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale as they prepare their upcoming selection of summer content.

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The developers have released new LTM’s that fit into their popular title during as a different way to play without needing the 100-player lobbies.

The newest release, Horde Rush, has already proven pretty popular and elevated itself to fan favorite status. However, another hugely popular LTM could soon find itself on the chopping block as Epic explore new options in the coming months.

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Epic GamesEpic has linked up with Marvel’s Avengers franchise for LTM’s previously.

After one fan posted in the game’s subreddit about potentially bringing back the Ground Game LTM, Epic’s DustyDevo offered up a surprising response about the future of LTM’s. 

“Not sure if Ground Game will make the cut, but we are talking about expanding the LTM pool by quite a bit over the summer, so a lot of these that haven’t been in rotation for a while will return,” they said, responding to the post.

“We might even switch off Team Rumble here and there and replace it with some of the other large team modes (gasp!).”

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While the (gasp!) could easily indicate a joke from DustyDevo, some fans wouldn’t be too happy to see Team Rumble dropped out of the rotation – even if it was only temporary. One Redditor replied: “No, don’t switch off Team Rumble. Please make it a permanent mode.”

Another, clearly disappointed by the idea of having Team Rumble switched off, added: “Please make Team Rumble perma. There is no better option to do weekly challenges and some practice before (a) main match than Team Rumble.”

Despite the reactions, it might not be all bad news for fans of Team Rumble as there hasn’t been any sort of confirmed news from Epic about their summer plans for limited time modes.

On the flip side, for those players who don’t dabble in Team Rumble, they may get some of their favorite modes back if the developers open up the pool and offer a wider variety. Sadly, we probably won’t see Blitz make a return as it’s been out of rotation since Season 6.