Epic Games Announces When ‘Playground Mode’ Will Return to Fortnite

‘Playground’ Mode will be returning to Fortnite: Battle Royale after it quickly became a fan-favorite Limited Time Mode.

After it was first introduced as a Limited Time Mode, ‘Playground’ was subsequently removed from Fortnite by Epic Games, with no estimate of when it would be back.

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However, on July 23, Epic announced that Playground Mode will be returning to Fortnite on Wednesday, July 25, and will have a list of changes since it was removed.

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Although Playground Mode saw a collection of issues after it was first released, which caused Epic to remove it for a short period of time in order to make adjustments, and only allowed players to experience the LTM for a short period of time.

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‘Playground Mode’ is Fortnite’s take on a ‘Sandbox’ mode, and gives players the opportunity to explore the map, create massive structures, practice building, and play minigames with others.

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As of writing, it is not exactly known what new improvements have been made, however, the full list of changes will be listed in the upcoming V.5.1 update patch notes.

We will continue to update the story as more information is made available.