Epic Games Announces the Return of Shopping Carts in Fortnite With Hilarious Video *Update – They’re Gone Again*

Ross Deason

*Update – Just two hours after returning, the Shopping Carts have been disabled again*

Shopping Carts have returned to Fortnite Battle Royale yet again after being removed on June 17th due to an undisclosed bug.

The introduction of Shopping Carts to Fortnite Battle Royale in the V4.3 update was a big moment for the game as it marked the first time that anything remotely close to a vehicle had been added.

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Unfortunately, the first few weeks of Shopping Cart action have been plagued with issues and they have already had to be disabled twice due to various bugs and glitches.

Epic Games disabled the Shopping Carts for the first time on June 11th, shortly after the V4.4 update, and reinstated them in the V4.4.1 patch on June 14th in the hope that all the flying glitches, bugs to get under the map, and more had been fixed.

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Unfortunately this did not turn out to be the case and on June 17th the Shopping Carts were once again temporarily disabled until a fix could be found for an undisclosed bug.

Luckily, fans of the metal trolleys haven’t had to wait for too long to get their hands on them again, as the official Fortnite Twitter announced on June 20th that they are once again live.

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The announcement Tweet also makes great use of a video, original shared by MarleyLo on Reddit, which shows a hilarious clip where a Shopping Cart knocked him off the edge of a cliff to his death.

The original clip can be found below.