Epic Games Announces That “Remote Explosives’ Will be Temporarily Disabled in Fortnite [UPDATED]

UPDATE – 8:59 PM PTEpic Games has announced that Remote Explosives have been re-enabled.

Remote Explosives have been the topic of intense debate between Fortnite community members in regards to their strength.

On July 24, Epic Games announced that Remote Explosives will be temporarily disabled from Fortnite, due to the developer finding some issues with the item.

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After the V.5.1 update was released earlier in the day, it appears that the developer has discovered a problem where Remote Explosives fail to do damage to structures after first dealing damage to players.

With this in mind, Remote Explosives have been removed, however, it is unknown when they will return at the time of writing.

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Although they are only being temporarily removed, Remote Explosives have caught some slack from Fortnite players after they received a major ‘buff’ in a recent patch, and became quite powerful.

It is unknown if the Remote Explosives will receive any sort of damage nerf once they are added back to Fortnite, or if they will remain the same.

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More information on the latest V.5.1 patch including patch notes, new additions, and more can be found right here.