Fortnite $250,000 Summer Skirmish Week 1 Results After Tournament is Cut Short

The Week 1 Fortnite Summer Skirmish has been cancelled by Epic due to a number of issues plaguing the inaugural tournament.

Player camping, boredom and laggy servers caused Epic to pull the plug before a winner was determined.

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Week 1 was a format new to Fortnite esports and Epic provided custom matchmaking to accommodate the new rules.

Much like the Fortnite Pro-Am at E3, participants in the Summer Skirmish were playing against each other in the same lobby. Ten matches were scheduled and the first duo to win two matches would be crowned champion.

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Unfortunately, the money involved saw most players build and hide in hopes of a high placing.

This led to viewers being less interested compared to the Friday Fortnite format, which has players advance based on the amount of kills they earn.

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Since there will be a new format for each installment of the Summer Skirmish, they most likely would have let the tournament go on as planned while admitting the first to two wins is not ideal.

But lag was too much and the participants were constantly complaining about not being able to play correctly. We compiled some of the best lag reactions here.

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Epic decided to cancel the tournament early, with no word on how a winner will be determined – or if it will be rescheduled.

As of now, the Summer Skirmish will return next week with a new ruleset, and Epic is looking into improved servers. The results of the four matches played are listed below, but no word yet on how the prize money will be distributed – if at all.

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Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 1 Results

Match 1

Winner: Chap & Liquid72Hrs

Most Kills: Spacelyon & Tennpo

Match 2

Winner: Kevie1 & Notvivid

Most Kills: C9Hysteria & Hootietang

Match 3

Winner: Bartonologist & Baysoldier

Most Kills: NickMercs & 100T Parallax

Match 4

Winner: ImMarksman & Yaboywildcat

Most Kills: Dakotaz & Yelo

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