Elon Musk jokes about deleting Fortnite and the responses are hilarious

by Mitch Reames


Elon Musk, the billionaire behind companies like SpaceX, SolarCity and formerly Tesla, took to Twitter to joke about deleting Fortnite, and the responses were hilarious.


Musk pulled up a picture of an article from a satirical website which was titled “Elon Musk buys Fortnite then deletes it.”

Underneath that, it had a fake quote from Musk saying “I had to save these kids from eternal virginity.”


The tweet was all in good fun as Musk is a supporter of gaming and has even implemented ways to play games in Tesla models.

While the tweet itself was funny, the responses from the Fortnite/Gaming community were even better.


First and foremost was Myth, because anything having to do with virginity and Fortnite is basically aimed for him:

Pokimane kept it short with her response:

FaZe Agony took the chance to crusade for an important issue in a different game:

And OpTic Hitch showed his immediate support: 


While Musk may not have the best reputation right now after he was removed from his position as Tesla Chairman, the billionaire still knows how to move the needle on social media.