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Dr DisRespect Warns Epic Games About Changing the Building Meta in Fortnite

Published: 23/Jun/2018 16:36 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Calum Patterson


Top battle royale player and Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect was sceptical about Epic Games potential plans to lower the building materials cap in Fortnite, saying it won’t work.

Epic Games caused a stir on June 21st, after strongly hinting that they would be looking to lower the prevalence of ‘build-offs’ in Fortnite, in a move to overhaul the game ‘meta’.


Additionally, they suggested that shotguns and rockets were too ‘superior’ to other weapons, and so limited the number of viable play styles which players could employ.

But many high profile players, streamers and YouTubers were vocally concerned about the suggestions, worried that Epic is trying to cater to new players.


The most popular battle royale streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made his thoughts clear, saying that he feared it would lower, or even eradicate, the skill gap that building establishes.

And Dr DisRespect echoed this, explaining that building is what separates Fortnite from other battle royales, and is particularly important given the randomness of the gun mechanics.

“This game is built on building. Both used for defensive mechanisms for new players, and offensive mechanisms for good players, right. Plain and simple.

You take that away, you just have a very cartoony, RNG shooter. It’s not going to work man, I guarantee.” 

Epic Games has made clear that although they are keen to make significant changes to the current game meta, they are listening to community feedback.


So far, that feedback has been largely one sided, with many players concerned that lessening the importance of building may take away the one thing which makes Fortnite so unique in an increasingly saturated market of BR titles.

Others have been more willing to experiment with changes however, and Ninja himself suggested that a trial of 750 building materials cap (as opposed to the current 999) may be a good idea, but only on a trial basis.

Fortnite has in the past used limited time modes to experiment with changes, and so a lower building materials LTM may be a possible solution, as Epic attempts to prepare Fortnite for competitive play.


Fortnite Flare Gun return leaked with major buff

Published: 19/Oct/2020 12:53

by Connor Bennett


A new Fortnite leak has claimed that the Flare Gun could be set to make a return in the near future, and it would be receiving quite a substantial buff too. 

As Fortnite seasons unfold, weapons and items are regularly cycled in and out of the loot pool – either for being too strong, too weak, or not fitting the theme of the new patch. 


This means that some fan-favorite weapons might disappear from the game for one reason or another, either to return at some point later in the future or to never be seen again. 

In the case of the Flare Gun, which was initially added to the battle royale back in the v13.20 update but it was removed at the start of Chapter 2, Season 4. With some fans hoping to see it return, especially given the new fire mechanics, it appears as if Epic have got something up their sleeve. 

flare gun in fortnite
Epic Games
The Flare Gun first appeared in a small short video from Epic Games.

Following the v14.30 update, which gave a buff to the Combat Shotgun and also brought the Rally Royale limited-time mode to the party, leakers uncovered a handful of changes coming in the future.

This includes the Flare Gun, which as leaker Mang0e_ pointed out, could be set to return to the battle royale after a spell in the vault, but with a little bit of a boost too. 

“The flare gun may be coming back to core modes soon,” the leaker tweeted on October 15. “The duration for marking enemies was re-added and increased to 15 seconds.”


While this is not set in the stone, as the leaker tweeted that it may return, some fans will be hoping that the Flare Gun does return – especially given its reported buff.

This increase in time with marking enemies would certainly make players think twice about ignoring the chance to use the Flare Gun. But, as ever, it’ll be up to Epic to make the final call.