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Dr Disrespect bashes Fortnite as “most soulless” game in history

Published: 29/Aug/2019 0:55 Updated: 29/Aug/2019 1:35

by Albert Petrosyan


Star Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect is at odds with Fortnite Battle Royale again, once more expressing his displeasure with it to his fans.

When it comes to top streamers and content creators who play Fortnite, even if from time to time, you would be hard-pressed to find one who dislikes the game more than Dr Disrespect. 

Since the battle royale title’s rise to prominence, the Doc has regularly taken shots at it and developers Epic Games, often dismissing the game as “pathetic” and too childish.

The latest chapter of his crusade against Fortnite came on August 28, when he blasted the game both on his Twitter page and Twitch channel.


“Fortnite is the most overrated soulless game in the history of game development. Period,” he tweeted. “Gaming industry, let’s move on.”

Following that tweet, things got even spicier on his livestream, when he was playing one of his iconic ‘Triple Threat’ challenges, which require him to win a solos match on Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale.

During the Fortnite phase of the challenge, he pretty much maintained an attitude of discontent and loathing, slamming the game as he was playing it.

“This game is a mash of just ideas and designs because they have the engine to do it,” he said. “There’s nothing soulful about this game. This game has no soul. It’s the most soulless game in existence of video games.”


The Two-Time’s comments come at what has been a very tumultuous time for Fortnite and Epic Games, whose contentious relationship with the player-base has reached a boiling point.

Following the messy BRUTE Mech suit controversy, which was ultimately quelled after several major nerfs were implemented, the community was unleashed into uproar after the developers made a big change to Turbo Building that severely altered fast building techniques.

After trying to reason with the players by offering an explanation, Epic ended up reverting some of those changes on August 28, which has thus far put them in a much better position in regards to community opinion.


However, it seems that not matter what they do or don’t do, the Doc is one player who they’ll probably never get on their side.