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Does there need to be a change to ziplines in Fortnite?

Published: 11/Dec/2018 16:46 Updated: 11/Dec/2018 17:07

by David Purcell


Fortnite Season 7 brought about the introduction of ziplines which allow you to quickly move around the map with ease, but they are proving to be a lightning rod of debate as people are calling for one simple change to the new feature. 

Essentially, the gripe that many Fortnite players have with the new ziplines are that you don’t need to do anything in order to attach to them. Your character will lock-on if they are near one. 

This means that people can accidentally connect to the new travelling feature, which can quite annoying when you’re in close combat with another player. 


One solution being put forward in the Fortnite community, and even posted on Reddit as you can see below, is simply introducing the idea of holding a button to connect to the zipline. The straight forward idea has been upvoted by 84% and has attracted a lot of attention.

u/NotaReliRedditor NotaReli suggests change to ziplines in Fortnite Season 7.

This would eliminate any uncertainty about whether the player wanted to use the feature, which would distance the game from any fault in the case of a consequential death. So, there are certainly positives to that argument. 

Reddit user xCeePee certainly seemed to agree with the suggestion: 

“I’m surprised they didn’t add this option in the first update. lol I hate the feeling of being surprised as you literally get snatched away by accidentally getting to close to the zip line hitbox.”

Epic GamesZiplines can be found all over the Fortnite Season 7 map.

Yet, the idea of holding a button as the image suggests, seems to be a bit too drastic of a change for some fans. Mr_502 on Reddit posted this: 


“I’d rather it be a press interact rather than hold so it’s easier to grab on to in a pinch, but this definitely needs to be at least a toggleable option”

One user, Bmammal12, told a story of winning a game on low health but without a final kill as their opponents had accidentally been zipped into the storm. This highlights that even people that have been a beneficiary of the issue can see that a change might be necessary. 

Many players have also found ziplines to be a handy safety net when they have been left to free fall. Sometimes they can surprise people and keep them alive at times when they thought they were about to die.

LeoStoytol, another Reddit user, posted the following:

“I agree with this [the earlier post] when I’m fighting and get zipped away. However, you would lose the ability to fall onto one which is pretty dope (like from planes or jumping off a mountain). Maybe a press button instead of hold.”

Clips of players being saved by ziplines have been doing the rounds on social media ever since the v7.00 past went live on December 6, however now there seems to be a consensus building about perhaps a need for change to the feature.


Fortnite season 7 in one clip from r/FortNiteBR

Based on comments from the community, it could be a good option – moving forward – for Epic Games to introduce a patch which makes people click a button by default to access a zipline. 

But, for gamers who don’t have a problem with how it runs now, enable them to toggle the option on and off in the controller settings. 

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