Did Epic Games hint at a Flare Gun coming to Fortnite?

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Jun 17, 2019
Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale personalities with celebrity counterparts.

As a celebration of the hugely popular battle royale title, Epic Games dropped a number of different cinematics that were based around different skins and in-game memes. However, one centered around a Flare Gun caught the attention of fans as it was the only one to really hint at some potential new content.

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Epic Games
The Flare Gun teaser didn’t give away all that much info but it did some deadly damage.

The short clip showed the Jonesy character stranded on a deserted island, searching for some form of rescue. He seems to be in luck when the battle bus starts cruising above him and he immediately scrambles for a wooden box marked ‘Flare Gun’.

However, things take a turn for the worse when he denies his own rescue attempt by accidentally shooting down the battle bus with the teased item – leaving the character back at square one on his lonesome. 

Yet, in a funny twist, it’s not all bad news for Jonesy as the game gives him a Victory Royale for taking out the entire battle bus. 

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Will a Flare Gun be released in Fortnite?

Despite the interesting clip, nobody is certain if Epic Games truly was teasing the opportunity of having the Flare Gun as a weapon in Fortnite, or if it was just another of their cinematic videos to break up the Pro-Am coverage.

However, if they did hint at a new weapon, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a Flare Gun was introduced to a Battle Royale. Back in December of 2018, a similar item was released for PUBG – allowing players to call in a one-time supply drop of either a weapon or vehicle. Yet, it would do no damage when fired at another player.

It remains to be seen if Epic is going to release the weapon for their own game, and if it would operate in the same sort of manner as PUBG’s. Only time will tell.