Deaf streamer Ewok reveals how Fortnite and Twitch’s biggest stars ‘changed her life’ forever

Ewok, Twitter / Epic Games

Deaf Twitch streamer Ewok has thanked Fortnite Block Party and Pro AM events, which handed her the chance to finally meet the streamer who “changed her life.”

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Ewok linked up with a number of high profile Twitch stars at the event, having pictures taken with the likes of Ninja, Tfue, Pokimane, and others, but there was one man who received the warmest welcoming from the upcoming battle royale player. 

Tweeting out a number of heartfelt messages on Twitter, the 13-year-old explained how much Epic Games are now embracing the deaf community as well, and praised TimTheTatMan as the guy that “changed her life” in many ways. 

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@EwokIts / TwitterEwok had a great time at the Fortnite Pro AM event, also meeting up with Dr Lupo and Jordan Fisher.

“I’m so thankful for all that Epic Games has done for me and the Deaf community,” she tweeted on June 17, in response to an interview she participated in at the Pro AM tournament. 

“They learned signs to communicate with me and embraced who I am as a Deaf person and gamer. I already loved Fortnite long ago but now this whole experience made me fall in love with it even more,” she added. 

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On the note of embracing, her teammate Kurt Benkert looks to have picked up some sign language as well, posting a video to Twitter explaining just how inspiring it is to work with somebody like Ewok. 

One of her tweets attracted much more attention than the others, though, as her message to TimTheTatMan has received over 5 thousand retweets, at the time of writing. 

“Here’s the guy who changed my life when he hosted me. Thank you so much TimTheTatMan,” she tweeted on June 17, along with a number of pictures with other streamers she met up with. “Finally got a chance to meet you and thank you in person.”

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The streamer was delighted to have finally met Tim and thank him for giving her the huge opportunity of being hosted on his Twitch channel, which has undoubtedly had a massive impact on her reach. 

Her own channel, ewokttv, now has over 130,000 followers and that figure is only expected to rise in the future. 

Ewok has broken down so many boundaries for deaf gamers already and with further help from Epic Games, and an embrace from other players, there’s no reason why she can’t make it to the big time on Twitch.