Deadpool Fortnite event revealed: Yacht POI, leaked items and more

Epic Games / Marvel

After weeks of hints and clues, we finally have official confirmation that Deadpool is taking over Fortnite, with his special in-game event set to kick off on Friday, April 3.

Fortnite Chapter 2 kicked off back in February, and one of the most surprising appearances, when it launched, was Deadpool, Marvel’s foul-mouthed superhero who became a fan favorite amongst comic book fans and movie-goers alike.

The masked vigilante even has his own secret room in the game’s main screen, taking over a dirty bathroom to turn it into his hideout, but while he’s referenced in the game, rarely appeared in actual matches.

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Epic Games
Deadpool is taking over Fortnite Season 2 with a redesign of The Yacht.

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Finally, that’s all about to change, with a tweet on the official Deadpool account confirming that he’s set to take control of the game in a way only he could, turning The Yacht into his own Point-of-Interest covered in his logos.

The image uploaded to Twitter shows an image of The Yacht which Deadpool has clearly drawn over, with his logo and a sign that reads “TACOS” sitting on the roof, a kite flying from the bridge, and a pair of red underwear acting as a flag at the front of the ship.

The tweet doesn’t show exactly what the ship will look like by the team the anti-hero gets his hands on it, but we do know some of the surprises he plans to bring thanks to leaks which revealed some new items he was adding to the boat.

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We also know that Deadpool will be taking over more than just The Yacht thanks to leaks, as he’ll also be involved in the dropping of Supply Crates, which are set to receive a major redesign with the balloon becoming an inflatable version of the hero holding a taco, and the crate itself receiving a red and black paint job.

The Battle Pus will also be getting a makeover, meaning there will be no escaping from Deadpool if you decide to jump into the game and hunt for Victory Royales.

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For those who purchased the Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass, they can also unlock a special Deadpool skin by completing the superheroes challenges, with the set released with the Week 7 Skye’s Adventure tasks making the skin available.

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There’s currently no confirmed time for Deadpool to take over the ship, but knowing the character, it’s sure to be when we least expect it, and unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the game before.