Data miner predicts new Fortnite Legends Pack for v9.20 update

Fortnite Battle Royale players have been given the chance to buy a whole host of new cosmetics during Season 9, and those waiting patiently for a new legends pack might not have much longer to go. 

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Epic Games are expected to add a load of new information to the game’s files with the v9.20 patch, and one of the most reliable data miners appears to be expecting it to contain some exciting new cosmetics. 

The developer has already replaced the Laguna starter pack during the season, with the Wilde starter pack leaked on May 23 and later made available in the store. Next, @HYPEX is looking forward to seeing a brand new legends pack next time around. 

Epic GamesThe Wilde starter pack was leaked on May 23 by HYPEX, and was later added to Fortnite Battle Royale.
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The leaker has already revealed a number of new skins, Back Blings, gilders, and other accessories in the past after searching through the files of new updates. 

According to HYPEX, the data miner found legends packs in both the previous v7.20 and v8.20 updates, which could indicate that there’s a good chance that fans will get to see a brand new ‘NEO’ legends pack leaked after the patch details are added. 

Graphics: Epic GamesThe Lava Legends pack was leaked on March 27 and was also added to the game.
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The previous Lava Legends pack included both the Molten Battle Hound and Molten Valkyrie skins, as well as cape and wing Back Blings. Of course, a glider too. 

Whether or not a brand new NEO-inspired set would include similar customizable features remains to be seen, but there’s a very good chance that it will. After all, the contents of the cosmetic packs are pretty much the same each time.

If Epic do have a brand-new legends pack in the works for their next major patch, this data miner and others are typically fast to get it out for people to see. So, we’ll keep you updated.