Custom Fortnite locker loadouts leaked in Season 2 update

Epic Games

The Fortnite community might soon be able to save a number of personalized cosmetic loadouts in the battle royale, after locker presets appear to have leaked in the recent Season 2 update.

While recent leaks have primarily hinted at upcoming skins and cosmetics, a new scrap of information has slipped through the cracks in the major Season 2 update.

Dedicated Fortnite players have been asking for ways to save custom locker loadouts for quite some time and it seems as though their wish might finally be granted in the near future.

Epic Games
You might soon be able to swap through skins on the fly with this leaked feature.

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Rather than having just a single character model to customize while sitting in the lobby, players have long been asking for preset loadout slots. 

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This would allow the community to save a number of different skin and item combinations and quickly swap through them on the fly, as opposed to completely altering the one loadout as players are currently used to.

According to a few lines of code found by prominent Fortnite leaker ‘HYPEX’ after the Season 2 update, such a feature could be right around the corner.

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“Locker Loadouts are coming soon,” the popular community member shared. “You can also give the loadout a name and you can favorite loadouts.”

The images provided shed light on a few key lines of code that allude to “locker slots, locker names,” and the categories of items that are contained within. From custom dances to pickaxes and gliders, players might soon be able to pick a choose from a few favorite combinations prior to each game.

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Attaching a visual mockup from Instagram user ‘jaaaz__,’ the leaker highlighted how the new feature could look in-game as the updated menu might allow players to scroll through a list of previously saved appearances.

Epic Games
You might not have to sift through dozens of skins to find the right one anymore.

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Instead of sticking to the one character model for the entirety of your next play session, this feature would allow you to spice things up and change the way your in-game avatar comes across each and every match.

While there’s no set date as to when the Fortnite community should expect this feature to be introduced, given that various lines of code have already appeared in-game, it’s safe to assume that locker loadouts are right around the corner.

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