Complete Fortnite’s Search and Destroy Challenges with one simple trick

Epic Games

Players have discovered an easy way to knock out all of the challenges for Fortnite’s new Search and Destroy limited-time mode, but you’ll need at least one friend to make it work.

To get players into the Valentine’s Day spirit, Fortnite kicked off the final event for Chapter 2 Season 1: Love and War on February 6.

Along with all of the new cosmetics, there’s a new CSGO-inspired LTM called “Search and Destroy”, where teams of six group up to either plant bombs or defend bombsites, just like Global Offensive.

Epic Games
Fortnite took some inspiration from CSGO for their latest LTM.

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A good number of the challenges for the Love and War event can only be completed in Search and Destroy, like “Plant or defuse a bomb in Search and Destroy Matches” twice.

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But, if you don’t want to try and complete your challenges while going up against players who are determined to try hard and show their CSGO skills good news: there is an easier way.

Modes for Search and Destroy mode are available to play in Fortnite’s Creative mode and you can even complete the challenges there as well.

At least one friend, preferably one who also needs to complete the challenges, is required for this trick to work, but it should make completing your Search and Destroy challenges much more efficient.

Twitter: FortTory
There are six challenges for Search and Destroy out of the 12 available for Love and War.

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Playing against the AI can make it easier for players to complete challenges by eliminating enemies, planting or defusing objectives, or just surviving the round.

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None of the six Search and Destroy-specific challenges are that difficult to begin with, so they shouldn’t take too much time at all in a Custom Match with a friend either.

The Love and Wars challenges are still unlocking, and all of them will finally be available on February 9. They’ll be around until with the event February 17, so players should have enough time to grind for all the cosmetics they want.

Fortnite Love and War cosmetics.Epic Games
Players can earn special event cosmetics for completing challenges during the Love and War event.

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Love and War is looking like the last major event of Chapter 2: Season 1, with Epic announcing that Season 2 will be kicking off on February 20 after being recently delayed.

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