Popular Fortnite streamers share positive reactions to v8.10 update - ft. HighDistortion, Nick Eh 30 and more

by Eli Becht


A new Fortnite patch released on March 12, and with it came numerous new additions and bug fixes. Here's what major members of the Fortnite community have been saying about it so far.


Fortnite's start to Season 8 has been a little lackluster when compared to previous seasons but Epic Games is looking to remedy that.

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    If you look through Twitter and YouTube you'll see a lot of streamers and creators having fun with the new vehicle. What it doesn't have in strength it certainly makes up for in mobility.


    Epic Games
    Epic Games
    The overall reaction to Fortnite v8.10 has been mostly positive.

    With this being the first major update of the new Season we expect to see many Fortnite players weigh in on the update.

    Apex Legends, the first true competitor to Fortnite, is launching its first season later this month so Fortnite will need to be on its toes if it hopes to ward off any competition.


    Here's what members of the Fortnite community have been saying so far about Fortnite v8.10.

    Not all of the reactions have been positive so far, however, as the update also brought unexpected issues with ping that Epic Games has been working on fixing throughout the day.


    Outside of the ping issues, Fortnite has released a pretty solid patch and fans are surely hoping they keep the ball rolling into the new update.