Cloak reacts to FaZe Clan’s recruit of Fortnite star Mongraal

Despite recently leaving the organization, Fortnite pro Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore has praised FaZe Clan for handing their new recruits “great contracts” after the org announced the capture of Kyle ‘Mongraal‘ Jackson from Team Secret.

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Back in May 2019, Cloak’s long-term teammate and friend Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney shocked the world when he revealed he would be suing the organization over an “oppressive contract”, which instantly sparked concern that Lepore was on a similar deal.

Eventually, FaZe Clan released Cloak into ‘restricted free agency’, retaining his player rights should he eventually decide to join another team, but allowing him to focus on building his brand without competing under their banner.

Tfue and Cloak both wanted out of FaZe Clan.
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Since then, FaZe have continued to bolster their competitive Fortnite ranks, most recently signing one of the world’s top players in Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson who was transferred from Team Secret.

He joins a star-studded line up of players who have qualified on multiple occasions for the upcoming $30m Fortnite World Cup, and Cloak believes all of the new recruits will be on “great contracts”.

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“Why would I be mad at Mongraal?” he asked. “He’s probably on a great contract. Every single person that has signed for FaZe recently is on an amazing contract.”

Furthermore, the 24-year-old singled out co-owner Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks for praise and stated he was the reason that FaZe had turned things around after the recent controversy.

He said: “Shout out to Banks for making that happen”.

Cloak believes Banks was a key factor in FaZe’s turnaround.
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Given Mongraal’s stature in competitive Fortnite, it’s more than likely that his contract will be extremely lucrative as his arrival boosts the org’s chances of having a winner in the Fortnite World Cup. 

The tournament takes place on July 26-28 in New York City, with the Brit qualified for both the solo and event, he must best former FaZe star Tfue in order to take home the $3 million grand prize.