Ghost Bizzle on Tfue’s FaZe lawsuit and plans after the Fortnite World Cup


Ghost Gaming star Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller has weighed in the ongoing legal battle between fellow pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and FaZe Clan, as well as revealing what he plans to do after the Fortnite World Cup.

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The biggest event in Fortnite history takes place in New York on July 26-28, with Bizzle qualified for the solo event. He will enter as one of the favorites to win the $3 million first-place prize thanks to his performances in previous tournaments and experience on LAN.

He will be joined on the battlefield with Tfue – who qualified for the solo event while streaming live on Twitch, without a delay, to over 300,000 viewers. As well as focusing on his World Cup preparation, the pro is embroiled in a legal battle with FaZe Clan, and Bizzle has plenty of sympathy for his situation.

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ESL/INSTAGRAM:TFUEBizzle and Tfue are the two highest earners in Fortnite history

In an exclusive interview with Richard Lewis for Dexerto, Bizzle revealed he understood why Tfue was forced to take action, highlighting his own negotiations with Ghost.

“From Tfue’s side, I understand his frustrations,” he said. “He was in negotiations regarding a new contract for months, and nothing was getting done. I understand there was a decent amount of time when I was renegotiating.

“However, I never had anything to expose Ghost for, so I’ve never been in that situation. It’s hard to know someone who is going through all that. I don’t think he had bad intentions, but you never know what the real story is.”

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Rumors suggested that Tfue was desperate to get out of his contract to fulfill his dream of starting his own esports organization, but Bizzle believes the 21-year-old doesn’t intend to do so.

Miller said: “I’m not sure if that’s possible or what he wants to do. I’ve heard him say he doesn’t want to do that, but you never know.”

YT: GHOST GAMINGBizzle doesn’t believe Tfue wants to start an org.
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Nevertheless, he did admit that if the plans did go ahead that Tfue could easily follow in the footsteps of former Call of Duty pro, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, in creating an org such as 100 Thieves.

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“He’s gained such a massive following. If I wanted to do it, it wouldn’t be a problem, similar to what Nadeshot did with 100 Thieves. If he wants to do that, he definitely could. I guess we’ll find out in the future,” Bizzle added.

YT:GHOST GAMINGBizzle thinks Tfue could follow in Nadeshot’s footsteps
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Despite repeatedly criticizing the Fortnite competitive scene, the Ghost star stated his intentions to continue competing after the World Cup is over, even with many pro players threatening to quit after its conclusion.

“I’d rather not focusing on streaming or casual play – I want to be the best,” he revealed. “I’ve always been a competitive player. I want to be the best player in the world and play against the best in the world.

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“I don’t know whether [Epic Games] will make that happen for me, because I don’t think that’s the case at the World Cup.”