All New Map Changes in Fortnite After v5.1.0 Update

The recently released v5.1.0 Update in Fortnite included an extensive list of in-game changes and new additions.

Although not included in the Patch notes, there were also several subtle changes made to the map that are worth a closer look.

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In total, there are five notable alterations made to the map, all different types and around varying locations.

Tribute to Muselk’s Rescue Mission Effort


Epic Games has added a tombstone to pay tribute to the trapped player named ‘Chappadoodle,’ who streamer ‘Muselk’ tried to save but accidentally eliminated.

You can watch the clip of the hilariously unsuccessful rescue attempt and read more about the tribute here.

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Risky Reels Fixed Up


Because Risky Reels had been added at the beginning of Season 4, it was littered with damage caused by the meteors crashing into the map. 

Now, the location has been restored to a proper drive-in movie theater, although the screen still remains damaged.

The screen will likely get fixed soon as it is where the winning film of the Fortnite Blockbuster challenge will be shown. 

Clay Pigeons


Special machines have been added to different parts of the map that shoot out clay pigeons. Players can manually release pigeons from the machine into the air, and then shoot them down for added points on the scoreboard.

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Ramps for ATKs and Shopping Carts


Wooden ramps have been found at various locations on the map, and are designed to give players a jump boost when driving ATKs or Shopping Carts.

These ramps have been placed on high locations so that players can get maximum airtime when flying off of the edge.

Mysterious Trucks Carrying Supplies

Reddit u/FaZe-Okunola

Several new trucks have appeared at the end of Dusty Divot, sparking up theories that some sort of construction will be taking place at that location over the course of Season 5.

Some believe that the factories near the old Dusty Depot that were destroyed by the Season 4 meteor could be coming back, while others contend that the broken Depots at Dusty will be getting fixed up.

Source – IGN