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Fortnite Battle Royale • Jul 25, 2018

Factories Near the Old Dusty Depot in Fortnite Could Be Coming Back Soon

Factories Near the Old Dusty Depot in Fortnite Could Be Coming Back Soon

An old fan-favorite location could be making its way back soon to the world of Fortnite Battle Royale.

There are in-game indications that the factories that were originally near Dusty Depot (now called Dusty Divot) could be in the process of being rebuilt.


A Reddit user by the name of 'FaZe-Okunola' posted a screenshot he took from the game showing several new trucks that appeared at Dusty Divot after the v5.1.0 Update, which went live on July 24.

As the user points out, the items on these trucks, and the trucks themselves, all resemble the ones found in the original factories.

Boys... the factories had two toilets, trucks and some pallets... is this what we think it is?
Reddit u/FaZe-Okunola


Since the start of Season 4, Epic Games has updated the map in various ways on nearly a weekly basis, which makes the prospect of the factories being built throughout Season 5 a considerable possibility.

Judging from the overwhelmingly positive and excited comments to the Reddit post, it appears that the player-base would be more than happy to see the iconic landmark on the map once again.


Often referred to as simply "factories," the nameless location was one of the more popular areas on the map, as players often either landed there or stopped on their way by. 

However, the location was destroyed at the end of Season 3, when a large meteor struck the area and created a large crater, turning Dusty Depot in Dusty Divot. 

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