Ali-A reveals what “sucks” about Fortnite iOS situation

Connor Bennett
Ali-A in Fortnite

Popular YouTuber Ali-A has discussed why the Fortnite vs Apple situation “sucks” for iOS users, but why it won’t be the end of the battle royale on mobiles. 

Epic Games has become locked in a legal battle with both Apple and Google over Fortnite after the battle royale devs made it possible for players to buy V-Bucks in-game for a cheaper price than going through the normal app store steps.

Since then, the uber-popular title has been taken down off both the Apple App Store and Google Plays store, meaning that new players can’t download it and updates are tough to push out. 

Even though it’s not completely terrible news for Android owners as they can use different stores and ways to download updates, it’s pretty bad for Apple users. So much so that Ali-A admits it “sucks” for the latter group.

Epic Games' official lawsuit against Apple.
Epic Games’ official lawsuit against Apple.

In his latest video, the popular YouTuber dissected the ongoing situation for Fortnite mobile players. He noted that Epic have already committed to keeping Fortnite alive on Apple in its Season 3 state, but beyond that, nothing is changing.

“It could honestly be, worst-case scenario here, months and months before Fortnite returns to normality on Apple devices,” the YouTuber added. “I hate to say it, but that is the biggest reality.”

Ali further noted that once Chapter 2, Season 4 starts to roll out, Android users will be able to head to Epic’s website and find out where they can download the new update. “It’s literally just the iOS players who are going to be left behind,” he said. 

Obviously, Epic and Apple could end their dispute at any point, but given that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney went after the hardware giants in a Tweet thread, that might not happen anytime soon. 

So, as Ali-A notes, it does “suck” that it’s looking unlikely that iOS players will be unable to play Season 4, but it isn’t a complete death knell for Fortnite on mobile devices.