Airplane ‘Bumble’ vehicle coming to Fortnite Battle Royale according to leaks

A new vehicle has been discovered in the game files of Fortnite following the v6.22 update on November 4, and its description sounds very much like it will be a plane.

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The game files relate to vehicle sounds for something called ‘Bumble’, but it is the types of sounds that indicate this will not be a land vehicle.

Instead, this new vehicle will almost certainly be soaring high in the sky, with sound descriptions such as ‘Overhead distant’ and ‘Travel Cue’.

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Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Epic Games officially, these are simply raw game files, but given the file names it is difficult to fathom what else the ‘Bumble’ could possibly be.

Considering the recent change to gliders, allowing players to use them at any point in the match, it would make sense that more items were added allowing you to get up high.

Potentially the Bumble could also be a helicopter or another form of air vehicle, but most fans seem to be predicting an aeroplane.

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Update: FNBRLeaks have now shared another leak relating to the Bumble on Twitter, and this all but confirms that it is indeed a plane.

The sounds described in the game files above can be heard in the video below, and you can distinctly hear a jet engine flying and the air rushing by. This would presumably be what a player on the ground would hear above them.

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There’s no hints whatsoever as to when this vehicle might be added, although there is every chance we won’t see it in game until Season 7.

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On the other hand, it could be as soon as next week, you never really know with Epic Games and their Fortnite surprises.

Presumably, a vehicle like this would be found at certain locations on the map, perhaps only one or two in total, but how they would affect balance and matches, especially in the closing moments will be interesting. 

How an air vehicle interacts with the storm would also be notable, as in other battle royale games with air vehicles, the storm often causes them to malfunction to prevent players simply flying around outside the zone.

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